When it comes to making the best waterborne architectural paints, manufacturers are focused on constantly improving the performance, efficiency and value of their paint formulations. At Stand 4-247 ANGUS Chemical Company is introducing new data that redefines the versatility of the company’s flagship AMP™ biodegradable* amino alcohol, and how this unique chemistry can be used to optimize formulations, reduce raw material costs, and improve overall paint performance.

“ANGUS alkanolamines, such as AMP and AEPD™, are widely used as key stabilizing agents in a broad range of paint formulations,” said Dr. Romain Severac, Customer Applications Specialist for ANGUS in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “We’re excited to share results from our extensive application work that show specifically how AMP can provide better dispersion of pigments, storage stability and pH control, while extending the microbial resistance in waterborne paint formulations when used in combination with approved biocides. This unmatched versatility can be used to reduce the amount of other commonly used paint additives, helping manufacturers lower their raw material costs while improving the overall stability and performance of their paint formulations.”

ANGUS paint and coatings experts are available during the event to demonstrate the proven benefits of these and other ANGUS chemistries, such as DMAMP™, FLEXITANE™, and ZOLDINE™, which provide formulators with unique multifunctional ingredients for a wide variety of applications and performance benefits. For low-odor, low-VOC interior water-based paints, ANGUS’ AEPD™ VOX 1000 multifunctional additive is an ideal formulating tool for paint producers needing to comply with EU Directive 2004/42/EC. Adding AEPD VOX 1000 to the grind will adjust and control pH, while improving pigment dispersion and freeze/thaw stability.

“For more than 50 years, ANGUS’ multifunctional additives have set the industry benchmark for versatility and efficiency, providing formulators and manufacturers with more options for enhancing overall performance at all stages of a paint’s lifecycle, from manufacturing and in the can to application and on-the-wall performance,” said Matthieu Perdon, Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA. “Our unique chemistries are supported by world-class technical services and regulatory expertise from ANGUS’ new Customer Application Center in Paris, which further enhances our commitment to helping formulators and manufacturers make their best paints perform better.”