Dow Performance Additives experts are available at Booth #1800 to help customers better understand how they can enhance the performance of coatings formulations with ANGUS technologies.ANGUS multifunctional neutralizers provide a wide range of benefits across the coating life cycle, including improved neutralization, rheology, pH stability and odor control.

AMP™ Multifunctional Neutralizer is based on the company’s unique ANGUS nitroalkane chemistry, and provides benefits across all stages of a coating’s life. AMP offers paint formulators numerous benefits, such as low odor, excellent base strength, efficient pigment dispersion and enhanced scrub resistance.

AEPD™ VOX 1000 Multifunctional Neutralizer provides the same performance as AMP, while offering paint formulators the ability to create low-VOC coatings. With virtually no odor, this neutralizer is an ideal formulating tool for paint producers around the world that need to comply with increasingly stringent regulations. In addition, AEPD VOX 1000 offers improved freeze-thaw resistance.