AMSTERDAM - AkzoNobel’s Powder Coating business has launched a new Ready to Ship (RTS) product collection with 489 products included in the offering. The expansion of the RTS products is necessary to support the speed to market needed in today’s competitive market place. A broad selection of stock products supports the customers’ need to meet increasing timing demands with consistent quality.

The RTS collection offers many new and exciting products including several super-durable, very low-gloss products, exceptional primers, extensive agricultural options, marker board white, furniture coatings, weatherable metallics, and a host of whites, black, greys and clears in multiple chemistries. The offering covers most powder coating needs, from premium performance to low-cost Shop Black.

“The number of Ready to Ship products we offer has increased by 40%, driven by our customers’ need to quickly acquire powder for their specific end use. Having the widest industry offering allows our customers to find exactly what they need with their first attempt and be assured of the highest level of quality and reliability,” said Steve Kiefer, North American Business Director for AkzoNobel’s powder coating business. “The vast array of RTS products gives our customers the flexibility, speed and convenience they’re looking for in a powder supplier. When coupled with our advanced digital tools of apps, eCommerce and InstaMatch color matching tool, the selection, information and independence offered to the customer is like never before.”

The expanded RTS offering along with the digital tools allow customers to search for products by color, chemistry, specification or performance criteria. They have a new system to independently identify the specific product they need and sort through vast amounts of information with simple, yet powerful digital tools. Customers now have direct access to AkzoNobel’s comprehensive product line including application parameters, product data sheets, stock locations and pricing.