The Duro-Shield line of products from Duro-Last® is designed to enhance the performance of a variety of commercial roofs. The coatings and material are available in Duro-Shield 20, Duro-Shield 10 and Duro-Shield 5.

Duro-Shield Roof Coatings are 100% elastomeric acrylic with a brilliant white finish that reflects the sun’s rays, which can lower heat buildup and reduce costs. Duro-Shield 20 offers ultimate protection and enhancement with 35 mils of coverage when dry and a 20-year limited warranty. Duro-Shield 10 features 24 mils of coverage when dry and a 10-year limited warranty. Duro-Shield 5 offers 20 mils of coverage when dry and a 5-year limited warranty.

“This new line of Duro-Shield products complements Duro-Last’s commitment to providing commercial roofing solutions,” said Steve Ruth, Director of Sales Operations at Duro-Last. “Roofs are an important investment for any building owner, and we’re excited to be able to offer additional solutions through the Duro-Shield line that will provide further protection and enhancement to the lifecycle of that investment.”

Additional products in the Duro-Shield line include Duro-Shield Primer, Duro-Shield Brush Grade Mastic and Polyester Reinforcement Fabric. For detailed information on the complete line of Duro-Shield solutions, visit