Setting lofty goals pays off. Our innovative chemists set high standards in developing RHEOLATE CVS® 15, one of the next generation of highly efficient NiSATs. RHEOLATE CVS® 15 is an exceptional KU builder that provides viscosity retention on tinting with excellent color properties. Because of its outstanding efficiency, it offers lower formulation costs. Our patented viscosity suppression technology makes RHEOLATE CVS®15 easy to handle. The product’s superior sag and leveling properties deliver excellent application performance regardless of how it is applied. Not to mention that it’s zero-VOC and APEO-free. Its launch marks one giant leap in thickening technology.

Mission accomplished.

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More information about RHEOLATE CVS® 15 is available at:$FILE/ELEMENTIS%20-%20RHEOLATE%20CVS%2015%20TDS.pdf