ORANGE CITY, IA – Diamond Vogel Paint's 2018 Color of the Year is Atmospheric Pressure (0587), a soft, lavender-infused blue from the company's ColorEssentials Collection.

"This introspective color represents the transparency we long for and brings mindfulness and peaceful reassurance to an untrusting world," explained Sandy Agar-Studelska, Diamond Vogel Color Marketing Manager. "Atmospheric Pressure is a great choice as Color of the Year as it is on trend with consumers desire to create relaxing and uplifting spaces where they can 'power-off,' reenergize and connect with family."

Atmospheric Pressure is flexible for use in interiors, but also offers a refreshing touch of color for exterior settings. For interiors, this restful blue offers a shift from popular grays, but still speaks to our search for soft, ethereal color that is easy to use in open-concept interiors or any space. Atmospheric Pressure can be paired with popular grays, charcoals and blacks that have been a mainstay in accessories and furniture. It pairs easily with popular styles including mid-century, coastal, industrial chic and modern farmhouse. For exterior settings, Atmospheric Pressure can be used as a great front door accent delivering feelings of calm and abundance that extend to guests.

For a second year, Diamond Vogel's Color of the Year was selected based on votes from customers in a crowdsourcing event during the month of October. "Our customers rely on our color expertise for inspiration as well as delivering the color they demand. For those that specify color, they look to Diamond Vogel for validation of the color trends that are important to consumers," said to Agar-Studelska. "In deciding our pick, we took the conversation to our customers and asked for their help in selecting this important choice from four directional trend colors. The voting was very close between all our candidates, but Atmosphic Pressure emerged as the color that connected with our customers."

The other candidates for 2018 Color of the Year were:

0393 Inviting Gesture

A soft artesian hue that sets a relaxed tone of renewal and balance, this tranquil color pairs nicely with popular grays, browns, charcoal and blues. Inviting Gesture is a great backdrop for easy living.

0448 Ice Flow

Peaceful and serene, this soft green is a chameleon hue, retro yet modern. It fits perfectly with our desire for unhurried spaces. Pairing well with cream, chocolate, yellow and popular soft pinks, Ice Flow’s translucent style fits easily with today’s light and uplifting spaces.

0562 Sultry Castle

A foundational gray that connects us to authentic and timeless details, this modern gray offers warmth and harmony and is a great backdrop for daily life. Sultry Castle pairs well with most colors and offers easy, classic elegance.