ORANGE CITY, IA — Diamond Vogel’s 2019 Color of the Year is Day Spa (0634), a saturated navy that connects spaces, cultures and generations. Day Spa’s flexibility delivers color that is comfortable when used for interiors or sets a mood of timeless luxury for exteriors. This powerful accent showcases one’s personal style and creates a dramatic backdrop for daily living.

“This deep, introspective blue offers quiet reflection and a sense of security at a time we need it most,” explained Sandy Agar-Studelska, Diamond Vogel Marketing Manager. “Day Spa unites us with nature, as well as mind and body, and its ageless presence makes it versatile no matter the space.”  

Day Spa offers a look inward and a focus on what makes us happy and secure. Quiet spaces using natural materials and earth-inspired colors help to create places of comfort and inner peace. Day Spa pairs well with both warm and cool neutrals, including grays, and is a stunning standalone accent.

Diamond Vogel’s Color of the Year is selected as part of an annual vote of customers in a crowdsourcing event during the month of September. “Our customers rely on our color expertise for inspiration as well as delivering the color they demand,” said Agar-Studelska. “In deciding our pick, we took the conversation to our customers and asked for their help in selecting this important choice from four influential trend colors, and Day Spa emerged as the color that connected with our customers.”  

The other candidates for 2019 Color of the Year are listed below.

Plateau 0704 

Deep, lush and confident, this natural green delivers an adventure based in nature. Plateau’s style is perfect as a companion to popular styles like farmhouse and country chic yet works well in open-concept spaces where you need a confident focal point to tie a large space together. There is comfort in classics, and Plateau re-emerged as new, fresh and relaxed.

Gold Taffeta 0276 

Rich in patina, this timeless and authentic gold connects us to the world around us. Gold Taffeta offers sanctuary from our hurried world, a warm embrace that welcomes us home and keeps moving us forward. Use Gold Taffeta as a grounding accent with brighter colors, or as a stand star that inspires comfortable spaces. 

New Foliage 0400

A soft and romantic green that sets a calm tone that is fresh and balanced. This nature-inspired hue takes us on a journey that is inspirational, spiritual, and healing. New Foliage’s energy creates a space that is uplifting and empowering.