STRATHROY, Ontario - "This Old House" has named Sansin’s new Resolution two-part wood finishing system to the Top 100 Best New Building Products list. 

Formulated to be tougher, more beautiful and longer lasting than varnish, Resolution can be used on furniture, doors and other marine and land-based applications where UV resistance and moisture protection are a must. The system delivers brilliant clarity combined with chemical, scratch and water resistance, all in in a low-VOC, easy-to-apply gloss of satin finish.

Resolution I is the first step in this two-part, environmentally friendly NGR (non-grain raising) high-performance wood finishing system. The primer step in the Resolution finishing system, Resolution I can also be used as stand-alone protection for wood interiors. Resolution I is a high-solids finish that penetrates and fills wood grain with deep UV and moisture protection.

Resolution II is the second step in the process. It offers a crystal-clear, low-VOC finish available in gloss or satin formulas. Because of its durability and beauty, Resolution is particularly suited for surfaces like patios, decks and outdoor wood furniture that are exposed to the elements.