CAMBRIDGE, MA - Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc. (formerly SLIPS Technologies Inc.), a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based industrial technology company that produces the SLIPS® line of materials and coatings, announced the availability of its new product, SLIPS Repel. Designed for large industrial liquid containers, SLIPS Repel coatings create a slippery, self-healing liquid layer on surfaces to allow sticky materials to easily flow through industrial production systems with virtually no residue left behind.

"Facilities that manufacture any sticky materials, like paints, liquid adhesives or lotions, are faced with the challenge of quickly and sufficiently cleaning production systems - particularly during product changeovers - without increasing costs or reducing valuable operation times,” said David Ward, CEO of Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc. “The SLIPS Repel coating solves this challenge, and we are excited to bring this technology to our customers to help them improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce cleaning materials and wastewater volumes, and increase production uptime. Use of SLIPS Repel products therefore reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing operations and helps our customers achieve their ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) targets.”

SLIPS Repel is an innovative, nanotextured coating that can be applied to almost any liquid-containing vessel. If required, Adaptive Surface Technologies can also customize the proprietary liquid layer technology to target particularly challenging fluids. This slippery layer can be easily reapplied as and when needed, based on usage and environment.

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