CHEVY CHASE, MDRadLaunch, the idea accelerator for ultraviolet and electron beam (UV+EB) technology, announced the candidates for 2018. If selected as a RadLaunch participant, each company will receive financial support, a travel grant to attend RadTech 2018, and technical, marketing and funding mentorship opportunities. The RadLaunch 2018 candidates include the following.

Reboot Medical Inc.

PhotoCast Casting Tape, light-cured composite tape that hardens on-demand, producing a rigid splint or cast.

Team from Eastern Michigan University

“Green” UV-LED curable nail gel polishes from bio-renewable materials.

UltraV Coatings

New, protective floor coatings for instant return-to-service and lasting durability for floor finishes and also directional and safety line striping.

Team from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nanocrystal photocatalysts that fill an unmet need for efficient, water-soluble photoinitiators for coatings and 2D and 3D printing.

Extend the life of exterior siding coatings and reduce maintenance costs by pre-treating floors and siding with polymers using UV technology to cure and protect wood from extreme exposure.

Continuous Composites

Continuous fiber 3D printing creates a moldless, “out of autoclave” composite manufacturing process, embed functional fibers to create a part that can sense and react to stimuli.

LiTeProducts LLC

Flash sanitizer for disinfecting cutting boards, knives and utensils using environmentally friendly ultraviolet and visible LEDs to enhance food safety at the point of preparation.

Mica Corp.

Electron beam water-based primers for flexible packaging systems to create the first water-based system used in retort packages, with a focus on users of EB digital inks and varnishes.

Trio Labs

Rapid UV 3D printing to create metal and ceramic parts with the same characteristics achieved through standard powder injection molding processes.

The Foam Printing Project

Lightweight parts from resin that is foamed using a patent-pending process and solidified using a UV DLP 3D printer, parts have up to 75% gas fractions, are lighter weight and less expensive to produce.

Eaton Chemical Inc.

UV-LED anticorrosive ID coating for downhole oil/gas pipe, in contrast to baking systems, with significant batching, staging, and handling requirements; system may also be used in-field for repairs, fabrication, and couplings where traditional coatings cannot be cured.

Dynamic Matter LLC

UV curable thermosetting polymer that can be remolded, relax stress, or repurposed following polymerization for use in optical applications and composites to reduce shrinkage and environmental stresses.

Team from the University of Iowa

Transferrable Shadow Cure (TSC) decouples initiation and propagation mechanisms in cationic photopolymerization to address light penetration problems, thus providing full cure regardless of geometry, pigment and filler content, and sensitivity of material to light and heat.

moi composites

A new, patented process that merges the performances of thermosetting composite materials with the possibilities of additive manufacturing, opening the world of advance composites to new features.

The RadLaunch class of 2018 will be presented at RadTech 2018, taking place May 7-9, 2018, in Chicago. For more information, visit