The American Coatings Show and Conference is fast approaching. Coatings industry experts will meet at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from April 9-12 to share information about the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Organized by the Vincentz Network and the American Coatings Association, the show expects over 550 exhibitors and over 9,000 attendees. Read below to learn about some of the technologies that will be presented at this year’s event.


FRITSCH’s High-Tech Particle Sizing

Whether in the field of production and quality control, research, developement or the analytical laboratory, particle measurement is essential in many areas. FRITSCH will be exhibiting its particle sizers at Booth 709. The ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec is a laser particle sizer for the determination of the particle size distrubutions of powdery samples, of solids in suspension and of emulsions. The instrument is suitable for utilization in production and quality control, as well as in research and development. Advantages include extremely simple operation, perfect measurement, short analysis times, and consistently reproducible and reliable results.

The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is an ideal particle sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size of powders and bulk solids, as well as of suspensions and emulsions. The optical process of dynamic image analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for particle size. The measuring time, depending on the sample quantity, is under five minutes. And the result is available immediately.

FRITSCH will also be showcasing its premium line planetary ball mills. These are extremely strong, all-purpose mills that offer performance, usability and safety. Due to revolutionary rotational speeds of up to 1,100 rpm, ultrafine results are achieved by powerful wet and dry comminution of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle and moist samples by the high-energy impact of grinding balls in rotating grinding bowls. Advantages include extremely short grinding times and reliably reproducible results down into the nano range.


Konica Minolta’s Software Platform

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas’ Booth 2178 will be showcasing its Colibri® software platform designed to work with a wide variety of the company’s benchtop and handheld spectrophotometers. Colibri is an efficient, powerful and easy-to-use modular software suite that can handle color specification, formulation and quality control. Colibri uses a single central database, which allows users to customize with modules and add-ons pertinent to the needs of their business. Significant cost savings can be realized through more accurate recipe predictions, and can reduce R&D and production costs by minimizing the use of expensive colorants when attempting to formulate recipes. With Colibri, the entire supply chain can have fast (and entirely controlled) access to shared data and increased benefits from improved color communication. Data can be shared internally or externally on-line. The software is a resource for large global enterprises as well as single-client and small businesses alike. By harnessing the latest innovations in information technology, Colibri can also be hosted in any network environment or in the cloud.


Lomon Billions’ TiO2 Pigments

Lomon Billions is now the world’s 4th largest producer of high-performance titanium dioxide pigments, and is number one in Asia in terms of TiO2 pigment production capacity. Lomon Billions was formed by a billion-dollar merger between TiO2 pigment producers Henan Billions Chemicals Company Ltd. and Lomon in October 2016. The company manufactures high-performance chloride and sulfate TiO2 pigments for all major applications, and has an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 tons.

“We’re excited to be exhibiting at the ACS for the first time as Lomon Billions,” says Julie Reid, Marketing Director. “People who visit our booth in 2018 might recognize our TiO2 pigment experts from ACS 2016. We were working as separate companies then, promoting our pigments from separate booths. This year we’ll all be together at the Lomon Billions Booth 607, located right at the front of the exhibition hall.”

The company will be promoting its TiO2 pigments for coatings and inks, including its LOMON® LR-982 pigment and its specialist BILLIONS® TR52 pigment for inks, the versatile BILLIONS BLR-698 and LOMON R-996 pigments, both suitable for a wide range of coatings applications, and its specialized pigments for industrial coatings including highly durable LOMON LR-972 pigment for automotive OEM and LOMON LR-961 pigment for electrodeposition coatings - all made using the sulfate process.

“We also produce chloride TiO2 pigments using state-of-the-art Western chloride technology,” says Reid. “At the ACS we’ll be promoting our new chloride TiO2 pigments, including BILLIONS BLR-895 pigment, designed for an extensive range of architectural and industrial coatings.”


Lubrizol’s Interactive Reality Experience

The Lubrizol Corporation will exhibit at Booth 1643, showcasing its latest coating technology innovations using an interactive, augmented reality experience. Some of these new innovations include:

  • Aptalon™ polyamide polyurethane technology that provides outstanding protection and durability for wood and metal surfaces;
  • Solsperse™ waterborne hyperdispersant technology that combines high color development with corrosion protection benefits;
  • Carboset® acrylic resin technology that provides outstanding corrosion protection in coatings for transporting and storing metal components;
  • PowderAdd™ micronized wax technology that enables unique matting and texturing effects for powder-coated metal surfaces;
  • Lanco™ micronized wax technology that delivers matting efficiency while providing high scratch and mar resistance for wood and metal applications.

Through augmented reality, customers can experience the unique performance, simplicity and sustainability benefits that Lubrizol products can bring to their coatings in a fun and educational way.

“The American Coatings Show is one of the most widely attended events that impacts our industry,” notes Steve Blashka, Business Director, Lubrizol Performance Coatings North America. “It presents an outstanding opportunity for us to raise awareness about new Lubrizol technologies and their value in modern coating formulations. We’ve been busy innovating, and we look forward to discussing how our latest products and expertise can bring value to our customers’ brands through differentiated coating performance.”


Michelman’s New Topical Wood Treatment

At Booth 749, Michelman will introduce Michem Wood Coating 44, a water-based surface additive for use in exterior wood stains and sealants that helps produce wood coatings with excellent weatherability characteristics. This topical wood treatment is a low-VOC and environmentally responsible solution that imparts outstanding water beading, along with excellent water and swell resistance.

Michem Wood Coating 44 penetrates deep into wood substrates and is user friendly, posing no re-coatability issues, so a second or third layer can easily be applied. With its superior water-resistant properties, the new additive improves surface aesthetics by slowing mold and fungal growth, and improving color integrity. The additive also produces a pleasing, natural surface appearance and is particularly suitable for softwood, as well as extending the look and use of outdoor wood furniture. The easy-to-use exterior wood treatment is an anionic wax and natural oil blend emulsion.


OMNOVA’s New Resin Technologies

OMNOVA Solutions is launching the following products at Booth 1555 this year.

  • Hydro Pliolite® 211 waterborne intumescent coating has best-in-class performance in terms of char formation and water resistance. It enables development of durable coatings that can be used in interior/exterior and high-humidity applications.
  • Pliotec SC203 nonblushing waterborne concrete sealer resin for use in a low-VOC, APE-free clear or pigmented concrete or tile sealer features significantly superior whitening/blush-resistance, outstanding adhesion to multiple substrates, very good hot tire stain and tire pick-up resistance. 
  • Pliotec LEB20 waterborne resin for exterior paints and coatings uses unique proprietary technology to yield excellent water resistance, and resists surfactant leaching and efflorescence. It also provides excellent early rain resistance. 
  • Pliotec HDT16 DTM and multisubstrate resin provides excellent water and corrosion resistance for high-gloss, direct-to-metal paints and metal primers. Pliotec HDT16 resin is also well-suited to multisubstrate coatings due to its excellent adhesion properties.


Pilot Chemical’s Fluorosurfactant Line

Pilot Chemical will showcase new products from its Masurf® fluorosurfactant line at Booth 1479. Masurf fluorosurfactants offer excellent wetting and leveling properties, low usage levels, and are ideally suited for a broad range of paint and coating applications. New products Pilot Chemical will highlight at the show include:

  • Masurf FS-3335A, a water-soluble, anionic fluorosurfactant that gives low aqueous surface tensions with minimal foaming. It offers excellent wetting, leveling, antiblock and dirt pick up resistance, and can be used in a variety of applications including architectural coatings, industrial finishes, floor care formulations, and wood coatings.
  • Masurf FS-3330A, a 30% active C6-based ammonium fluoroaliphatic phosphate ester in an aqueous solution. It imparts protective oil and grease resistance to wood, concrete, stone and tile surfaces used as building materials, including kitchens, flooring and bathrooms. Masurf FS-3330A adds unique surfactant, conditioning, wetting, lubricity and oil/sebum resistance properties.

“The paints and coatings market is a key growth segment for Pilot Chemical,” said David Waizmann, Business Director at Pilot Chemical. “We look forward to ACS each year to learn about new market trends and to develop relationships with industry professionals.”


Songwon‘s Solutions for Demanding Coatings Applications

Founded in 1965, SONGWON Industrial Group develops, produces and supplies additives and specialty chemicals worldwide. The company, which is headquartered in Ulsan, Korea, and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, has grown from a small organization active mainly in Asia to become the second largest manufacturer of polymers stabilizers worldwide and a global specialty chemicals company with branches and production facilities all over the world.

For the first time, SONGWON Industrial Co., Ltd. will be present at the American Coatings Show (Booth 633), demonstrating its commitment to the coatings industry and showcasing its latest high-performance solutions. Its portfolio comprises a wide range of ultraviolet absorbers (UVAs), hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), antioxidants (AOs) and photoinitiators designed to cover all thermal and light stability requirements.

SONGWON also develops and manufactures solutions for polyurethanes as well as intermediates and catalysts for tin.


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