MONTREAL – Argex Titanium Inc. announced that the preparation for its Process Intensification Program (PIP) is well under way. Representing a technical surge by the Argex Engineering and Technology team, the success of the program will assure commercial readiness of its hydrometallurgical process. The PIP’s purpose is to demonstrate process robustness through end-to-end manufacturing of high-purity TiO2 with multiple batch cycles and systematic overview of ilmenite selection, leaching, solvent extraction, hydrolysis and product finishing.

“The industry is under pressure to deliver safety and strong environmental controls under intense pricing competition. New production paradigms must be reached. We are very excited to further define our environmental footprint and final rendering among all of our attributes,” said Roy Bonnell, CEO of Argex.

The program will compile data towards optimizing capital and operating costs and the environmental footprint. Final metrics or ranges will consist of leach circuit parameters, organic solvent operative windows, hydrolysis crystal characterizations and throughput, final water balances, recycling and regeneration plans, and bleed estimates.

Experienced external partners with strong hydrometallurgical scale-up experience are supporting Argex management in the initiative.