MADBURY, NH — Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education LLC is offering a three-day workshop, “Characterization of Synthetic Latexes,” Oct. 1-3, 2018, in Denver. The intensive, interactive workshop is designed for both analytical chemists, who measure the properties of synthetic latexes, and to the chemists and engineers who make such latexes. Don Sundberg, Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire, and President, Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education LLC, and Mike Cunningham, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University, designed the workshop.

This workshop is focused on the generation, evaluation and interpretation of data obtained from the various analytical methods used to measure the chemical, physical, colloidal and morphological properties of polymer latexes. Latex synthesis professionals will gain insight to the range of analytical techniques and instruments used to measure a wide variety of latex and particle properties; analytical laboratory professionals will gain insight as to how organic, physical and colloid chemistry combine to create latexes of commercial complexity. Both communities will learn to deal with the realities of data precision and reproducibility, and comparison between different measuring techniques for the same property.

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