LEATHERHEAD, UK — Smithers Rapra has released a new market report, The Future of High-Performance Pigments to 2023. The report identifies how worldwide a total of 191,881 tonnes of high-performance pigments and effect and specialty pigments will be consumed in 2018.

According to the report the total value of the high-performance pigment market in 2018 will reach $5.09 billion. Growth rates of this market are moderate and will reach rates of 3.3% by volume and 3.4% by value across 2018-2023. Consumption will increase to 225,804 tonnes in 2023, and reach a value of  $5.99 billion.

The research suggests that the underlying steady expansion of the market will be a result of profound shifts in the demands placed on pigments and their selection, with for example complex inorganic colored pigments (CICPs) growing their market share across the forecast period. New technical developments, including nano-pigments, cool pigments, and superior dispersion technology, will also present new business opportunities across the forecast period.

The report provides quantitative value and volume forecasts for high-performance and specialty pigments demand in all key end-use applications. An in-depth analysis of the evolution of the high-performance pigment supply and value chains is outlined. Additionally, the report offers over 180 tables and figures providing data and strategic insight in a concise, easy-to-use format

The Future of HighPerformance Pigments to 2023 is based on a combination of primary and secondary research. Primary research involved targeted interviews with industry experts and decision makers from all points in the supply and end-use chain for high-performance pigments. Secondary research was based on an extensive literature analysis of relevant published material, conference proceedings, patent applications and information from organizations and companies involved in the production, supply and application of high-performance pigments and their raw materials.

Visit Smithers Rapra’s website for additional information about the report.