Mason Color Works has conducted testing on its complex inorganic colored pigment 7389 Catalina alongside two additional pigments used in the pool industry. Testing reveals 7389 Catalina has superior degradation resistance properties to chemicals used in maintaining pools, versus competitor pool colors.

Testing consisted of saturating each pigment in a solution with common pool chemicals. Pigments were soaked in sodium bisulfate (pH Minus), tricholoro-s-triazinetrione (chlorine stabilizer) and calcium hypochlorite (shock). Pigments were compared to a control group consisting of the pigments in distilled water. Throughout the testing, Catalina 7389 had minimal color change while the other pigments had noticeable degradation at various stages. The pigments were dried, and results measured with a colorimeter.

Further testing was conducted by soaking cement cakes colored with the pigments in the same chemical solutions for one week. Catalina 7389 maintained its color consistency in every solution while the two other pigments showed signs of degradation.

Mason Color Works’ line of inorganic pool colors has been formulated to create reliable, high-tint strength pigments that mix easily into standard pool plaster systems and paints.