HAMBURG, Germany — The Krahn Chemie Group, a chemical distributor headquartered in Germany, has expanded the cooperation with Valtris Specialty Chemicals, Independence, Ohio, with the SANTICIZER® products for France, where Krahn is already representing the stabilizer product portfolio of Valtris Specialty Chemicals. Krahn Chemie Group already distributes the SANTICIZER products in almost all of its European sales regions.

“Krahn Chemie holds a strong position in the plasticizers industry and possesses excellent market know-how in key application areas for SANTICIZER products, such as PVC, rubber, coatings, adhesives and sealants. During the last years, we have established a reliable and successful partnership with Pietro Carini S.p.A., the Italian subsidiary of Krahn. Last year, we widened our collaboration with the Krahn Chemie Group to many other sales regions. With the new collaboration with Krahn France, we are happy to go even further and are convinced that Krahn will help us, providing even more customers with the non-halogenated, low-smoke, fire-retarding phosphate esters and with the complete range of fast fusing plasticizers,” said Karl Billast, Valtris Specialty Chemicals, EU/AP Business Manager Specialty Plasticizers.

“Valtris Specialty Chemicals is a leading provider of specialty chemicals and well known for its products in the field of flexible PVC. Because of the extended cooperation, we can offer all Valtris plasticizers and stabilizers in our broad product portfolio. The fire retardant and smoke suppressing capabilities of the SANTICIZER products as well as the fast fusing plasticizers are a valuable completion for our French portfolio,” said Axel Sebbesse, Managing Director of the Krahn Chemie Group.