Sensory Analytics, the fast-growing supplier of award-winning SpecMetrix® coating thickness measurement systems, has expanded its product offerings for wet or dry applied coil and other industrial coating applications. The new off-line SpecMetrix DFT QA Coating Measurement System delivers immediate non-contact, non-destructive and non-radioactive coil coating thickness measurement data without the need for calibration coupons. This robust QA and R&D tool provides absolute thickness measurement of primer and total topcoat over any size samples. The system delivers precise coating thickness results at a rate of 100+ measurements per second, as compared to one measurement every five minutes or more using current manual or drill methods.

With dedicated clear/primer and topcoat probes, this combination lab system is powered by Sensory’s proprietary EXR ruggedized optical interference (ROI) technology. Sensory’s technology can generate absolute thickness readings with nanometric precision for primers, back coats and thicker, and highly pigmented topcoats on any substrate. The new system’s DFT thickness measurement range for transparent coatings is from 0.7 to 350 microns and 0.7 to 75 microns for pigmented coil coatings. Having this extended measurement range for opaque coil coatings allows for accurate offline measurement of most coil top coats including polyester, SMP, Kynar/PVDF, textured, wrinkled, metallic and clear top coats. Designed to streamline coating QA processes, the SpecMetrix DFT QA system improves coating process and quality control in virtually any QA lab or R&D center. The integrated and intuitive SpecMetrix software reduces set-up times and accelerates QA testing, data collection and analysis. Thickness data is easily and efficiently exported to data acquisition, analysis and SPC systems.

All SpecMetrix systems ship with a verified Gage R&R result of <5%. The superior Gage R&R scores of SpecMetrix systems are setting a higher industry standard for DFT measurement system performance. The expanded capabilities of the new SpecMetrix DFT QA Coating Measurement System are helping coaters and coating suppliers lower costs, minimize process control issues, reduce claims and improve product coating quality.