FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Troy Corp., a leader in the development of dry-film preservatives, offers extensive product testing capabilities. Troy currently has 13 field-testing sites in climatically and microbiologically diverse locations around the world to test the effectiveness of its advanced Polyphase®, Troysan®, and Fungitrol® dry-film preservatives.

Dr. Izzy Colon, Troy's Senior Vice President, Science & Technology, said, “While laboratory testing of preservatives has value as a screening tool, there is no substitute for long-term outdoor exposure testing.” Troy has been a leader in field testing for several decades and has added to the number of its sites over the years. “Troy has one of the largest networks of field testing sites in the industry, with a remarkable diversity of climatic and microbial environments,” said Colon. “The importance of this is to evaluate preservatives against the greatest possible range of microbial threats, so that our customers can be assured of the highest levels of dry-film protection against any eventuality in real-world use.”

Troy continues to make significant investments to provide customers with added value through innovative products and expert technical service. “Troy’s field testing sites represent an important investment by the company,” said Colon. “This is beneficial to our customers, and just as importantly, to their customers.”

For more information, visit www.troycorp.com.