Larson Electronics LLC has released an explosion-proof emergency warning sign approved for wet locations and marine environments. This single lamp explosion-proof warning light features a paint mode sign that indicates when painting is underway in industrial environments and has a backup battery that runs the sign for 90 minutes in the event of a power outage.

The EPL-EMG-TL-1X10W-C-PM Class I Division 1 and 2, Class II Division 1 and 2, Class III explosion-proof emergency LED warning sign is a 10-watt fixture, an ideal indicator lighting solution for industrial and manufacturing facilities where spray paint rooms are located. The single green LED lamp is equipped with a three-sided warning sign that reads "Paint Mode" to indicate painting is currently underway in the area. The lamp is available in either a steady burn or strobing configuration depending on operator preference. This emergency paint mode warning sign has a battery backup that will run the LED lamp for 90 minutes during loss of power.

Unlike traditional indicator lamps that use a colored globe with low-color-temperature incandescent lamps, this explosion proof LED light incorporates a clear glass globe and colored LED lamp, which increases the total visibility and light output compared to traditional colored lamps.

The EPL-EMG-TL-1X10W-C-PM carries a T3C temperature rating and has a -40 °C to +85 °C ambient operating temperature range. The light housing is constructed with a polyester powder coated copper free aluminum casting that can withstand 1490 pounds PSI hydrostatic pressure. The mounting plate is built from non-sparking aluminum and can be custom built.

This explosion-proof green indicator light has a 50,000-hour operational life and operates on 120-277V AC current. Line-in supply power is provided by 10’ of 16 AWG SOOW cable with flying leads.