Wilmington, DE – The Chemours Co., Wilmington, Delaware, recently signed a three-year extension of a trademark license agreement for the Teflon™ brand with Yung Chi Paint & Varnish Manufacturing Co., the largest producer of decorative paints in Taiwan.

The collaboration between Chemours and Yung Chi began 30 years ago when the two companies worked together to develop innovative coatings technologies for the Taiwanese market. According to YC Chen, Chemours Titanium Technologies’ Managing Director for Greater China, the two companies have very similar customer-focused value propositions.

“We are pleased to work with a committed partner like Yung Chi, who wants to create products that improve the consumer experience and their overall business performance,” said Chen. “Our goal as a premiere supplier of titanium dioxide and fluoropolymer technologies is to enable our customers to be more successful in the markets they serve,” he added.

With this extension, Yung Chi will continue to be a recognized provider of Teflon branded architectural paints in Taiwan. Chemours, formerly part of DuPont, has been delivering titanium dioxide and fluoropolymers technologies used in the coatings industry for more than 80 years.

“We are pleased to extend our long-standing collaboration with Chemours to deliver superior product performance to meet the future needs of paint customers in Taiwan,” said Deren Zhang, Chairman of Yung Chi Paints. “Our co-branded Teflon paints, also created with high-quality Ti-Pure™ pigments and technology, enable us to maintain our position as the leading coatings manufacturer in the region,” added Zhang.