Vitex, a leading Greek paint manufacturer, and General Paints Group (GPG), the parent brand to premium paint brand Colourtrend, and luxury paint brand Curator, both partners of Color Guild, announced a deal of brand licensing regarding VAIRO Healthcare Technology.

VAIRO is a breakthrough paint technology developed by Vitex with proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties on painted surfaces. By applying a VAIRO technology paint, viruses and bacteria – including SARS-CoV2 – are greatly reduced and their ability to be transmitted through painted surfaces is virtually nullified. This extra barrier for SARS-CoV2 transmission is especially important for the protection of high traffic areas like hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, hotels, and shopping malls.

The products based on Vairo Technology have been approved by the Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority and the Greek National Organization for Medicines, the local competent authorities that regulate medicines and medical devices market circulation. They have also been endorsed by the Greek Ministry of Health and approved by 80 public hospitals that are currently using the products.

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