Designed for exterior application on automotive paint surfaces, Protekt® Paint Protection Film (PPF) from Madico Inc. is a transparent paint protection film with a proprietary topcoat resistant to scratches, chemicals, stones, bugs, sand and salt, and discoloration.

Protekt PPF protects an owner’s investment, saving money on costly repairs and repainting. Optically clear, Protekt PPF is virtually self-healing, with its advanced topcoat eliminating fine lines over time. The high-performance film protects the paint finish on far more than just cars and trucks. The film also provides superior protection to RVs, ATVs, jet skis, boats, motorcycles, tractors and commercial vehicles.

When professionally installed by a skilled Madico dealer, Protekt PPF is backed by a seven-year warranty. Protekt PPF is a good complement to a traditional automotive tint installation.  Protekt PPF can be cut with Madico’s Advanced Cutting System (MACS) for added efficiency and faster turnaround times.

“Protekt PPF has been an incredible addition to our product offerings and our installers find it easy to work with,” said Narayan Andrews of Spectrum Auto in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “Our customers are pleased with the outcome and love how the film protects their vehicles’ paint finishes especially on areas such as the fender and bumper. The product does an excellent job of protecting against and withstanding the anti-icing chemicals we often have to use here in Colorado.”