PPG ENVIROCRON® Extreme Protection powder coating system is formulated to provide superior chip and corrosion resistance to extend the life of high-tensile automotive coil springs on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicles.

Based on a patent-pending technology using reclaimable materials, PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection powder coating system surpasses 150 cycles of testing as prescribed by SAE International’s J2334 Laboratory Cyclical Corrosion Test, which is the automotive industry’s most stringent performance standard for this type of testing.

Specially formulated without fiberglass, PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection powder coating also is easier to reclaim and recycle compared to a similar competitive product. Additional benefits include exceptional application transfer efficiency, consistent film builds on spring surfaces and a wide application window for ease of use.

“PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection is a major advance in corrosion- and chip-resistant coatings technologies, serving as the first line of defense in stopping springs from corroding,” said Shelley Verdun, PPG Product Manager, Powder Coatings. “The dual-coat process features a sustainable approach and an entirely new impact-absorption mechanism for chip mitigation.”

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