The PPG PITT-CHAR® NX epoxy intumescent coating system offers reduced coating thickness, lower weight and faster application while providing outstanding strength and durability due to its unique flexible technology. This patent-pending technology is designed to protect against severe hydrocarbon hazards, including pool fires, jet fires and explosions, for both onshore and offshore environments in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Fast throughput during the fabrication and coating of steel structures and equipment is required in various industries to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Because it is lighter than alternative passive fire protection (PFP) coating and cementitious systems, the PPG Pitt-Char NX coating system can deliver substantial material savings and reduce both transport and construction costs.

“We designed the PPG Pitt-Char NX product to reduce uncertainty by ensuring the coating system is capable of protecting against a range of hydrocarbon hazards,” said Richard Holliday, PPG

Global Product Manager, Protective and Marine Coatings. “Owners and designers no longer need to choose between solutions for jet fires or pool fires since PPG Pitt-Char NX coating system addresses both. Our system has been comprehensively tested to comply with internationally recognized fire test standards for all types and sizes of structural steel and safety-critical equipment.”

Extremely tough yet uniquely flexible, PPG Pitt-Char NX coating system is designed to reduce the risk of cracking and delamination during fabrication, transportation and construction. This is critical in today’s global market, where transportation and varying climatic conditions can cause challenges for coatings on steel.

PPG Pitt-Char NX coating system is suitable for industrial, marine and offshore exposure without any degradation in fire resistance. It has been tested by third parties to the latest standards from ASTM, ISO, NORSOK and UL.