Micro Powders is introducing three new products based on the company’s innovative composite particle technology at Stand 7-144. These highly engineered powders are formulated with nano-aluminum oxide (Mohs hardness 9) to deliver unsurpassed scratch and abrasion resistance. They are supplied as safe, easy- to-disperse non-nano powders, and are less abrasive on processing equipment compared to free alumina.

MPP-611AL (HDPE/alumina) provides scratch resistance with surface slip and lubricity.  MPP-123AL (LDPE/alumina) provides scratch with surface durability and non-slip properties.  MicroKlear 418AL (carnauba wax/alumina) provides scratch resistance with improved clarity and gloss retention in a natural, biodegradable powder. 

Also available is Polyfluo 523AL (HDPE/PTFE/alumina), modified with PTFE for additional lubricity and abrasion resistance.

Visit Micro Powders at Stand 7-144.