WAALWIJK, The Netherlands — Coatings provider Stahl, Waalwijk, the Netherlands, and Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc., a producer of specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks, have signed a supply agreement. The agreement enables Stahl to commercialize new coatings and polyurethanes dispersions (PUDs) based on Elevance’s C18™ Polyol technology.

Stahl and Elevance have collaborated since 2016 to develop high-performing coatings using Elevance’s C18™ Polyols, a new class of bio-based polyurethane building blocks. Under the recent agreement, the companies will continue to develop new C18-based coatings with an emphasis on flexible substrates for various markets, including the automotive segment.

This novel C18™ Polyol technology enables the development of hydrophobic and semi-crystalline bio-based coatings with improved hydrolytic stability while keeping the desired flexibility.

“We are very happy to announce this partnership, that enables us to serve the high market demands of our customers with high-performance solutions, while improving the environmental footprint,” said Uwe Siebgens, Group Director Performance Coatings and Polymers at Stahl. “Enabled by C18™ Polyol technology, we are broadening our portfolio of bio-based, high-performance polyols and polyurethanes in our Relca and Permutex water-based polyurethane ranges. Depending on the requirements, we have the opportunity to design products based on various bio-based materials.”

“We have reached a significant milestone with our C18™ Polyol technology,” said Rusty Pittman, Chief Commercial Officer at Elevance. “Through our collaboration with Stahl, this technology is enabling bio-based coatings and PUDs with truly exceptional performance.”