Oxiteno has introduced a low-foaming and APEO-free pigment wetting agent solution with low environmental impact and high performance. The solution serves a global trend in the coatings market: the growing demand for products that are safer for human health and the environment, with the reduced use of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO). The product is a high-performance additive used to formulate architectural paints, which produces little foam and has a low environmental impact.

The new solution from Oxiteno is part of the OXITIVE® additives series, which combine APEO-free multifunctional surfactants that deliver high value in the application of waterborne architectural coatings and in the manufacturing of pigment concentrates. The launch of the OXITIVE series reflects the tendencies of the paint and coatings market to create friendlier formulations with low environmental and health impacts, according to GHS, low-VOC, and low-foam formation. The benefit for the formulator includes using a safer product with less anti-foaming agent, minimizing the likelihood of defects in the paint. In addition, it reduces the viscosity of the mill base, allowing formulations with high solid content, ensuring effective grinding even at low dosages.

Traditional APEO-based surfactants are efficient in waterborne technologies and are used as wetting agents in the paint manufacturing process during the incorporation of titanium dioxide and mineral fillers in the grinding medium. However, this kind of surfactant may have a negative impact on the ecosystem and can stabilize the foam generated during the process, which affects the final quality of the paint. "Our goal is to reduce the complexity of the pigment dispersion process by offering a product that, in addition to having a low impact on health and the environment according to the GHS, is low foaming, allowing formulators to obtain a high-quality paint," explained Marina Passarelli, a researcher at Oxiteno who presented research on the new product at the latest CoatingsTech Conference.

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