TORONTO – SiO2 International Inc., developer of Ultra Thin Glass Coatings, has launched its most recent website. SiO2’s scientific expertise comes from over 25 years of surface coating experience in performance and industrial sectors.

The redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information about the company’s SiO2 Technology, often referred to as Liquid Glass, and shares the latest in product development as the company endeavors to offer clients industry-leading surface protection. It has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the company's mission to create, develop and manufacture high-performance and industrial SiO2 coatings. SiO2 International assembles safe silicon dioxide (SiO2) molecules that form a molecular quartz glass barrier between the environment and the surface that allows the surface to breath. Once applied, SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings deliver additional characteristics to surface while remaining undetectable.

SiO2 International uses no engineered nanoparticles or toxic materials in its surface technology. The coatings can be applied using a simple sachet cloth or standard tools found in most industries. Unlike the common industrial products, the VOC-free products can be applied without the use of safety equipment.

"We are excited about our updated website and the robust information it provides for customers, investors, partners and media to better understand the range of revolutionary and innovative SiO2 International Inc. science and technologies we offer," said Bruce Johnston, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Furthermore, refreshing our value proposition by offering North American manufactured products, has enabled us to reduce costs associated with regulatory compliances and importing bulk materials. While our white-label clients now enjoy the advantage of calling products their own, they will also enjoy the advantage of calling them ‘created and manufactured in North America,’ unique to the industry.”

SiO2 International’s redesigned website is now live and will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, business activity, corporate milestones, events, and investor and financial information.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website at