HOUSTON - The Master Painters Institute (MPI), a division of the NACE International Institute, announced its completion of product standards for interior carbon-steel fuel pipes, interior welded fuel tanks, exterior steel systems, and waterfront steel structures. MPI was contracted by Naval Facilities Engineering Command to establish the product standards.

The new MPI 500 Series Standards are for use in numerous aspects of work involving specialized Department of Defense petroleum, oils, and lubricants facilities. Initial testing is now complete, and the standards are available via the online MPI store. Coatings manufacturers can submit products for approval beginning in May 2019.

System MPI# 500 and 501 standards are for interior carbon-steel fuel tanks (coating description: epoxy, interior steel fuel tank, primer). This commercial standard is similar to MIL-PRF-4556, “Coating Kit, Epoxy, for Interior of Steel Fuel Tanks,” which was canceled in 2011. Standard MPI# 505 is for interior welded fuel tanks (coating description: low-VOC, two-coat polysulfide modified novolac epoxy). Standard MPI# 510 is for exterior welded fuel tanks (coating description: zero-VOC, self-priming, splash-zone coating). System MPI# 514, 515, and 516 (two-coat system) are designed for waterfront steel structures (coating description: non-zinc epoxy barrier coating, primer fluorourethane, steel structure exterior, topcoat).

For more information about the new standards or to submit an application for these new MPI categories, contact Terrance Mayes at terrance.mayes@mpi.net or 740/438.6608.