SHELBYVILLE, DE — According to a new study from Global Market Insights Inc., the market for fluoropolymer additives is set to grow from its current market value of more than $1.2 billion to over $1.9 billion by 2025.

According to the report, increasing demand for lightweight thermoplastics as a substitute for metals and the increasing demand for innovative architectural coatings in infrastructure development should stimulate growth in the fluoropolymer additives market. These materials offer exceptional heat and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and low coefficient of friction, which enhance the performance of end-use applications such as coatings, insulation wires and coaxial cables. Rising investments in buildings and construction and growth in demand for lightweight plastics in automotive are also expected to fuel market demand.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is utilized in several end-use industries such as the automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries because of its superior thermal stability, low maintenance cost, and corrosion and weather resistance. Rising demand for high-performance polymers in the industrial, transportation and electronics industries is likely to boost demand for fluoropolymer additives. Additionally, the rapid expansion of the automotive industry and increasing demand for lightweight automotive materials will further boost market growth.

The report predicts that consumption of PTFE fluoropolymer for printing inks will be above 70 kilotons by 2025. These fluoropolymers enhance the adhesion and rub performance when added to the ink. They provide superior surface protection, wetting and high pigment stabilization. Increasing innovation and growing demand of printing inks in several industries will further stimulate the market.

According to the study, demand in the United States for fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) fluoropolymer additives should record gains of about 6.5% by 2025. These products find applications in industrial machines and equipment and the automotive industry, owing to their high electrical property, chemical inertness and reduction in carbon dioxide emission. Rising demand for melt process-able thermoplastics in several end-use industries will boost the fluorinated ethylene propylene regional market growth.

In the U.K., demand for PTFE-based fluoropolymer additives for lubricant and grease applications was valued at over $2.5 million in 2018. These products provide improved performance of lubricants, maximized surface areas and low co-efficiency of friction of synthetic solids.

In China, demand for PFA-based fluoropolymers additives for coatings can expect gains at above 5.5% due to their corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. PFA coatings offer chemical resistance and effective non-stick properties. These products have high impact resistance at elevated temperatures, ensuring long durability of end products. Rising infrastructural investments and the booming building and construction industry should accelerate industry growth.

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