CHELMSFORD, MA - FRX Polymers® Inc., a leader in polymeric halogen-free flame retardant (FR) solutions headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, announced a joint development agreement with China’s Yoo-Point Group for the production of water-based emulsions that contain FRX Polymers’ Nofia® phosphonate halogen-free flame retardants. The emulsions are particularly suited for use in polyurethane (PU) coatings and low-density flexible PU foam.

Under the joint development agreement, Yoo-Point, a leading resin producer for the coatings market, will market and sell the new Nofia FR-based emulsions to customers in China. Meanwhile, FRX Polymers will be responsible for marketing and commercialization outside of China. The Nofia FR water-based emulsion – considered to be an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based systems – is already enjoying commercial success in PU-based foams and coatings in China.

Nofia FRs enable these foam products to meet various automotive fire safety standards as well as new total VOC and fogging standards from global car producers and regional in-vehicle air quality regulations. These include the new Chinese mandatory standard GB/T 27630-201X.

“This is a brand new and novel form factor for Nofia phosphonates, which underscores the versatility of our technology,” said Marc Lebel, President and CEO of FRX Polymers. “This joint development agreement opens up many new market opportunities for Nofia flame retardants and has global implications.” In addition to PU, the water-based emulsion system could be incorporated in other resins that are compatible with Nofia FRs, according to Lebel.

The water-based emulsion is targeted at low-density PU foam applications such as automotive headliners and PU coatings for FR clothing, rain gear, and synthetic leather.