The new FireEdge™ FE410 LED curing system from Phoseon Technology delivers up to 50% higher irradiance, power and dose than the original FireEdge FE400. This will help customers who need increased process speed for improved throughput but still prefer the small form factor of the FE400.

With built-in intensity control options, the FireEdge FE410 can be used for both full cure and pinning applications such as inkjet pinning, 3D print and adhesives curing. With the segment control feature, FE410 can help users save energy and achieve more precise UV coverage when needed.

The new air-cooled product offers customers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™ technology that provides users with precise and predictable UV output. Phoseon’s unique scaling feature allows units to be stacked end-to-end with contiguous, uniform UV output to fit any application size. The FireEdge FE410 also comes equipped with WhisperCure™ technology that provides a quieter solution with high UV output and small form factor.

FireEdge FE410 accessories include cables, power supply, hub unit, window frame options, protective cover glass and extended warranty.