13. Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corp.

Columbus, OH






President and CEO: Andrew O. Smith

Coatings Sales: $150 million

Yenkin-Majestic is a vertically integrated manufacturer of coatings and resins. The family owned and operated coatings manufacturer is split into three divisions: Majic Paints, Yenkin Industrial Coatings and OPC Polymers. Majic Paints is the consumer paint division of the Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corp. This division manufactures a complete line of consumer finishes that include oil-base, acrylic and latex paints; wood finishing products; aerosol paints; and a variety of specialty products for home, farm and industrial use. The company’s industrial division manufactures waterborne and solventborne products, including urethanes, epoxies and polyesters. Its OPC Polymers operations has grown in serving the U.S. and North American markets by its purchase of the SI-Canada Group and development of high-performance co-polymers and other product categories, including water-reducible alkyds, monomer-modified and high-solids specialties, and water-based alkyd dispersions and emulsions, epoxy esters, and a range of VOC-compliant vehicles.

Source: Company contact, company website

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