The 128-09 Series of pressure-variable resistor inks from Creative Materials offers three products: (HP) High Pressure, (MP) Medium Pressure and (LP) Low Pressure. These products can be blended to match the requirement of a specific application.  The 128-09 series offers the unique characteristics of electrical conductivity that decreases in resistance as pressure is increased. These inks have extremely fast response times (both with pressurization and relaxation), high bandwidth and a strong pressure response. The 128-09 series inks are able to create pressure-sensing elements that have a repeatable linear temperature response, distinguishable load measurement, low drift, and minimal hysteresis for more than 500,000 cycles.

The 128-09 series have excellent resistance to flexing and creasing and superior adhesion to high-energy surfaces including polyimide, polyester glass and many other substrates. Typical applications for these products include pressure transducers and pressure-sensitive membrane switches.

Creative Materials designs, develops, and custom manufactures specialty electronic inks and adhesives. The company holds both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. All products are manufactured in the United States.

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