ORLANDO, FL — Effective Aug. 1, 2019, Pacific Coast Chemicals, TH Hilson and TMC Materials have consolidated under one brand name, Ravago Chemicals North America (RCNA).

The consolidated Ravago Chemicals North America brand provides the flexibility to serve customers and suppliers both regionally and nationally while maximizing the speed and efficiency of a single brand. This collective approach allows the company to quickly understand and react to changing market dynamics while leveraging the strengths of the legacy channels across the company.

RCNA's steady growth has continued to bring new customers, suppliers and colleagues into the rapidly growing specialty chemical and fine ingredient distribution business. RCNA is excited to bring the combined strength of its businesses to the North American market. The rebranding features a new website, a fresh and clean design to enhance the customer experience, an easy-to-use phone number (833/RAV.CHEM), along with a range of new changes to showcase RCNA's strengths and reflect its brand positioning.

"Globally, we have embarked on rebranding Ravago's chemical distribution business under the name Ravago Chemicals. This brand alignment reflects our overall strategy for global growth and alignment and is consistent with our desire to support our customers and suppliers both regionally or globally. Though our name is changing, our mission and fundamental values that have defined us will continue to be reflected in our new identity," said Kevin Wettstein, Vice-President and General Manager.

Ravago Chemicals is a family-owned company that represents specialty chemical and fine ingredient producers. Its extensive portfolio allows the company to deliver creative, technical solutions while providing the highest level of service to over 15,000 active customers across more than 24 countries worldwide.

For more information on RCNA's rebranding initiative or to learn more about the full capabilities of Ravago in the specialty chemical and fine ingredient markets, visit www.RavagoChemicals.com.