DANVERS, MA — TECHKON, an innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities, has donated to Clemson’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. The donation is valued at over $100,000 and includes the SpectroVision Inline Quality Inspection System, SpectroDens handheld devices and multiple seats of ChromQA, Techkon’s Color Quality Assurance Software.

Techkon partners with and helps develop educational programs at institutions like Clemson.  This partnership will allow students to keep pace with advancing technologies and will give them access to the tools they are likely to see upon graduation.  This kind of real-world application is what students will need to further advance the packaging design and graphics industries in the future.

The donation is part of a long-standing partnership that Techkon has developed with Clemson’s Sonoco Institute. “We are thrilled that Techkon continues to innovate in color measurement and process control for printing,” said Bobby Congdon, Assistant Director of Sonoco Institute. “It is because of partners like Techkon that we are able to inspire and engage our students with the most advanced technologies as they prepare for careers in this industry.”  In addition to the donation of equipment, Techkon also partners with the Sonoco Institute on other educational initiatives including webinars, speaking opportunities and live demonstrations.