PITTSBURGH — PPG announced that its PPG POWERCRON® 160 anionic epoxy electrocoat (e-coat) technology has earned a 2019 R&D® 100 Award in the Mechanical/Materials category.

“Earning an R&D 100 Award is a pinnacle of achievement in the global research and development community, and we are proud to be recognized for this groundbreaking coatings technology,” said David Bem, PPG Vice President, Science and Technology, and Chief Technology Officer. “We are even prouder of what this development means for our customers – more versatile and effective corrosion protection for their products with less energy use and enhanced environmental compliance.”

PPG Powercron160 anionic epoxy e-coat is a significant technical advance in electrocoat technology because it enables high film builds (greater than 6 mils) over multiple substrates and pretreatment chemistries. Previously, anionic e-coats had to be matched to specific pretreatments and metal substrates, which added complexity, cost and energy use to the coatings process.

PPG Powercron 160 coating cures at lower temperatures than conventional anionic e-coats, which further reduces energy use and related carbon emissions. It also has excellent workability and exterior durability.

Originally developed to meet the unique corrosion protection requirements of the pipe industry, Powercron 160 e-coat is engineered for manufacturers who finish complex cast profiles in the castings, automotive, heavy-duty equipment and other industries.

The R&D 100 Awards Committee and R&D World magazine honor the 100 most innovative technologies and services of the past year with the R&D 100 Awards. PPG has earned 27R&D 100 Awards through the years.