Stop by Booth 717 to learn of the new products developed in Siltech’s R&D labs. The company has created Silmer ACRN, a tetra-functionalized acrylate silicone. Also newly developed is Silmer UACR, a silicone urethane designed to give improved elongation in UV-cured systems.

For ultimate in elongation for UV-cured systems, the company’s newest materials are mercapto functional MTQ resins. These flexible and highly crosslinked monomers are used in any UV-cured systems, including 3D printing, to provide elongation of up 150%.

Silmer reactive silicones react into coatings or resins to alter the properties of the final film, composite or 3D additive. These materials increase flexibility, impact resistance, lower slip and CoF, as well as provide improved stain resistance. Visit for these references and updates.