LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY – Colors & Effects® launched a new corporate website and online service platform designed to offer customers a one-stop portal for interacting with the Colors & Effects brand and product portfolio.

The new Colors & Effects website serves as the landing page for the online service platform. “We redesigned the company website to streamline the user journey and bring relevant content to the forefront,” said Caroline Syms, Digital Marketing Communications Specialist for Colors & Effects. “We want to give customers the information they’re looking for within a few clicks.”

The Colors & Effects Pigment Finder product tool, which launched during 2019, has been rolled into the new service platform and is the single location for all product-related content. “Customers can now enjoy a more centralized and personalized experience when interacting with our products digitally,” said Anna Herbst, Digitalization Project Lead for Colors & Effects.

A newly created registration functionality provides customers the ability to create an account with Colors & Effects where they can access relevant product-related information and see contact information for their specific Colors & Effects representatives. In addition, state-of-the-art data search capabilities and convenient access to product-related documentation contribute to enhanced user activity.

“We went down a completely new path by first developing and testing a prototype for the online service platform with several focus groups,” said Martin Fischer, Senior Manager Digitalization and IT Strategy for Colors & Effects. “The new digital services available in the platform were created based on the market’s needs, giving us the opportunity to really improve the customer journey and offer value to our customers each step of the way.”

Users can register to create an account with the online service platform and will only need one ID and password to access all Colors & Effects digital services in the future.

The online service platform can be accessed here.