MUMBAI, India/MARIETTA, GA – Carbon black producer Birla Carbon announced that its 16 manufacturing facilities across the globe have received the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certification.

The IATF certification signifies that the company meets all the requirements of the global Quality Management System standard, especially for the automotive industry. It incorporates the structure and requirements of the ISO quality management system and additional requirements for automotive customers.

Commenting on the milestone, Dr. Santrupt B Misra, Chief Executive Officer of Birla Carbon, said, "The Aditya Birla Group as a global manufacturing powerhouse, and Birla Carbon as a significant business segment within it, have always adhered to the highest quality and process standards in manufacturing, in line with the group's values. The IATF certification is a valuable testimony to that commitment." He further added, "Exploring the potential of our Purpose – 'Share the Strength' at Birla Carbon, we will continue to collaborate, innovate and share best practices around the globe to create new benchmarks in manufacturing and product quality. This certification inspires Birla Carbon even more to seek higher breakthroughs in the production of high-performance carbon black for rubber and specialty applications in line with specific requirements of our customers."

Sharing his thoughts on the achievement, John Loudermilk, Chief Operating Officer of Birla Carbon, said, "We are honored to be the first carbon black manufacturer to achieve the IATF certification across all our manufacturing plants and every facet of our business around the world. This is a significant milestone for Birla Carbon as we set a new benchmark in manufacturing excellence." He added, "Whether it is through advancing the adoption of technology or by maintaining the highest standards in health, safety and environment management, Birla Carbon is committed to providing the best products and solutions to its customers by 'Sharing the Strength.'"

IATF certification is jointly developed by the members, essentially automotive manufacturers, of the International Automotive Task Force and submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for approval. The certification applies to any company that manufactures and supplies components to the automotive industry.

Birla Carbon is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of carbon black. The company provides products across ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) grades and specialty blacks to meet the specific end requirements across the rubber, plastics, coatings, inks and other industries.