The new OPTISONIC 6300 V2 ultrasonic flowmeter with a stationary, clamp-on design is ideal for a wide range of systems. It allows users to measure flow anywhere, all while processes continue.

New to the OPTISONIC 6300 V2 is a viscosity range of up to 200 cSt, no need for re-greasing due to solid coupling material, a next-generation signal converter for enhanced application range, Namur NE107 diagnostics, and integrated thermal energy calculation.

The OPTISONIC 6300 V2 is suitable for diameters ranging from 1/2” to 160”. It has a process temperature range of -40 to 392 °F (-40 to 200 °C). This new flowmeter from KROHNE delivers accurate sensor alignment using rail-mounted transducers, and minimized uncertainty through installation wizard and optimization routine.

This flowmeter is constructed as a submersible stainless steel sensorrail (IP 68/NEMA 6P). For the complete diameter range, the OPTISONIC 6300 V2 offers flexible configurations — single and dual ultrasonic sensors; wall and field signal converter housing; and V-, W-, Z- and X-mode measurement modes.

The OPTISONIC 6300 V2 ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter is a flexible solution with a quick and easy installation requiring no process shutdown and no flow interruptions or downtime. It is also cost-effective, since its price is independent of diameter, material and pressure class. It offers greater safety for operators and plants thanks to a reduction in potential leakage points and its suitability for toxic and corrosive fluids.

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