MEXICO CITY — Liquid and powder coatings manufacturer Axalta has launched a new collection of industrial powder coatings in Mexico.

Axalta's Alesta® BE+ is the latest industrial product to be introduced in Mexico. Alesta BE+ bakes at a lower temperatures and has shorter cure cycles, which reduces energy consumption, saving customers time and money. It does not generate emissions of VOCs, requires less time to cure, and uses less energy, which increases productivity while lowering production costs for customers.

"We are excited to bring this innovative and sustainable new product collection to our customers in Mexico," said Isabel Alanís, Director of Powder Coatings, Axalta Mexico. "In addition to the important environmental attributes, Alesta BE+ also delivers superior corrosion protection on metal, which offers end-users the long-term benefits of a product that looks good and lasts."

Axalta is committed to minimizing its global environmental impact across the entire spectrum of its business activities. Alesta BE+ products are manufactured without the use of heavy metals and use a triglycidyl isocyanurate-free technology.

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