7. Ennis-Flint, Inc.

Greensboro, NC



CEO: Matt Soule

Coatings Sales: Approx. $640 million

Ennis-Flint Inc. is a worldwide leader in the traffic safety, access, rail and road marking industries, providing the most comprehensive lineup of pavement marking materials and electronic control products. The company offers products that are used on roads and highways, taxiways, runways, parking lots, and in commercial, contractor, governmental, industrial, airport and architectural settings. Ennis-Flint Inc. provides products that range from traditional paints and thermoplastics to high-performance formulas and plural components for roadway striping and preferential lane treatments, as well as preformed thermoplastic for transverse markings, streetscape crosswalks and traffic-calming treatments. The company has manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Canada, Argentina, UK, Italy, Australia and Malaysia.

Source: Company contact, press releases

Notes: In January 2019, the company announced a new manufacturing facility in the Triad, located in High Point, North Carolina. The new plant will focus on increased converting capacity of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings for the company’s Specialized Market products including, but not limited to, decorative crosswalks, custom logos and surface signage for public roadways and private properties as well as airfield markings at airports and military bases. In February 2020, the company announced a mutual sale transaction with Potters Industries LLC in which Ennis-Flint purchased the ThermoDrop® thermoplastic assets and product line from Potters, while Potters purchased the Ennis-Flint bead manufacturing facilities.

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