Tecplus X is an electrostatic painting applicator with a high-voltage generator incorporated into the gun.

The programming of the equipment, details Eduardo Cernic, Director of Cetec, is based on thousands of feedbacks that the company received over almost 30 years serving users of electrostatic painting.

“For example, Tecplus X is supplied with the most common recipes already programmed, including painting plates, corners and repainting,” said Cernic. The user can also change the factory defaults according to their needs. “We developed a very simple and customizable interface, with several display alternatives, always thinking about the user experience”.

Another Tecplux X differential is the cooling system for the electronic components. Also developed by Cetec, the apparatus makes the equipment operate at lower temperatures, increasing the useful life of the entire set. “In addition, the electronics work under low voltage and with no voltage return. It is also possible to adjust the voltage according to the environment in which the machine is being used. This significantly increases the operator's safety.”

All these advantages, however, would be less important if Tecplus X did not generate savings for the user. “Tecplus X project allows a reduction of up to 30% in the consumption of paint and 60% in the demand for compressed air compared to traditional models”, said Cernic.

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