MANCHESTER, UK — Coatings manufacturer HMG Paints is providing hard-wearing and weather-resistant paints to the growing shipping containers conversion and modular buildings sectors across the UK and Ireland.

The HMG product portfolio range provides manufacturers and conversion specialists with a choice of tough and durable products suitable for brush, roller and spray applications including 1K single-coat finishes and high-performance 2K primers and topcoats. The booming market place is seeing shipping containers being converted into specially designed living and working spaces, along with food, drink and retail destinations. Shipping containers and modular buildings have also been utilized as temporary facilities during the COVID-19 crisis, with HMG working closely with customers to support essential services and critical industries.

“Shipping Containers really are extremely versatile units, and our technical team are able to recommend the perfect coatings solution depending on its use,” said Danny Cleary, HMG Paints Sales Director. “Our products provide an excellent finish, are quick drying and high build, compliant to the latest PG6/23 regulations, and available in a wide choice of colors.”

The versatility of HMG’s UNIT LITE tinting system means that customers can choose from color ranges that include decorative, industrial, commercial vehicle, RAL and British Standard. Boasting over 5000 custom color matches each year, HMG’s color-matching service also allows offers customers the option to use their own brand colors, producing a consistent result across a number of applications and systems.

The single-coat finishes offer corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and fast drying properties, even in poor conditions. The 2K systems consist of a zinc phosphate 2K epoxy primer that offers excellent adhesion, water and chemical resistance and corrosion protection, and topcoats that offer rapid drying, high gloss and simplicity of use. Protection is provided against harsh weather conditions and atmospheric pollution ensuring the containers can be used in a number of environments.

The various range of HMG paints and coatings can be purchased directly from HMG Paints,  

HMG Paints Ltd. is a family-owned business situated in Manchester, UK. HMG offers a portfolio that includes wet paint, powder coatings and aerosols.