SIEGBURG, Germany – Printing inks provider Siegwerk has launched its new circular economy website. The company strongly believes in the principles of a circular economy (CE) and is committed to contribute to creating a circular packaging industry. The new website provides information about the company’s CE approach.

Siegwerk is committed to sustainability, which means achieving a sensible balance between ecological, social and economic needs without compromising the resources of future generations. The growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable packaging has strongly influenced the packaging market. “It is time to rethink packaging and move from a linear to a circular economy model,“ said Alina Marm, Head of Circular Economy Hub at Siegwerk.

Inks and coatings play an important role in a circular economy. In addition to the branding of the packaging, the technical functionalities of inks support all three levers of a circular economy in terms of reduction, re-use and recycling. To that end, Siegwerk is purposefully investing in additional resources to become a circular and digital packaging solutions company, driving the positive developments in the industry with its functional and technical understanding of inks and coatings that support innovative packaging solutions.

The new Siegwerk circular economy website offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s commitment to drive the development of circular packaging solutions. One particular website section provides information on in-depth circular solutions from Siegwerk such as:

  • Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for creating packaging designed for the paper recycling stream;
  • Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for recyclable mono-plastic packaging; and
  • Driving deinking solutions with inks and primers and value chain collaborations for deinking process standards.

Siegwerk believes that cooperation and sharing knowledge are key on the way to a circular economy. That is why website visitors can also learn about Siegwerk’s partnership network that helps drive the development of new circular packaging solutions.

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