MINNEAPOLIS – The General Industrial Coatings division of Sherwin-Williams has released Powdura® ECO Hybrid Coatings – the newest technology within the Powdura ECO powder coatings platform launched in April. Powdura ECO Hybrid Coatings combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional functional properties that can be formulated to balance chemical, scratch and impact resistance, and provide increased color stability when compared to traditional epoxies.

The Powdura ECO platform uses an innovative polyester resin comprised of 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic (rPET) – helping to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain and reduce plastic pollution.

The addition of hybrid formulations to the platform expands the potential for new applications and industries, especially for indoor products such as tools, water heaters, office furniture, oil filters, electronic enclosures, shelving, store fixtures and displays, and retail interiors.

“For interior products, hybrid powder coatings deliver excellent application properties and chemical resistance,” said Tabitha McLeish, Sherwin-Williams Global Marketing Director for the General Industrial division. “Powdura ECO Hybrid Coatings provide the performance applicators have come to expect from hybrids with the added benefit of a more sustainable coating.”

Powdura ECO Hybrids are available in a full range of blended polyester/epoxy ratios to meet specific end-use requirements. They contain the equivalent of 7-10 single-use (16-ounce) recycled plastic water bottles. These coatings are easy to apply, have wide cure capability, and can align with third-party certifications that define and measure sustainability standards, such as LEED, GreenGuard and BIFMA.

“Manufacturers in all industries are rising to meet the challenges of plastic pollution and consumer demand for eco-conscious products,” said McLeish. “The Powdura ECO line can differentiate a wide array of finished goods as having recycled material content without sacrificing any of the performance and durability that powder coatings provide.”

Powdura ECO polyester and hybrid coatings are available across the North American network of Sherwin-Williams industrial coatings facilities. To learn more about Powdura ECO coatings from Sherwin-Williams, visit oem.sherwin-williams.com or contact your local Sherwin-Williams sales representative.