CELBRIDGE, Ireland — There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a paint color, but the name of the paint is not the first thing to come to mind. Naming paint colors is no easy task, and while some brands reach deep into the abstract to evoke a sense of emotion, the Curator collection from General Paints, Celbridge, Ireland, looks to its Irish heritage to find its paint nomenclature.

Curator, an Irish-based designer paint collection that recently debuted in the United States, features a palette of 144 stunning colors inspired by Irish tradition and design. Within those colors, Curator collaborated with 29 Irish artisans, jewelers, designers and more to tell the story of Ireland in its paint.

Red Lemonade, a bright shade of red, emphasizes a design duo from Dublin and their jacquards with contemporary illustrations and bold patterns.

Showstopper is a wonderful blue hue inspired by the eclectic designs of a multi-international award-winning designer, channeling Irish historicism through her garments. Her designs have worn by a broad range of celebrities including Lady Gaga.

Stoney Way takes its roots from the work of a stonemason creating her work mostly through hand by traditional chisels and mallets. The mauve-grey tone takes form through her stonework of the Valentia stone.

Those are just a few examples of the uniquely named colors that Curator offers. Visit https://www.curatorpaints.com/ for more information.