SCHENECTADY, NY – SI Group, Schenectady, New York, announced plans to expand capacity levels at its Nanjing, China facility. The expansion will increase production by more than 50%, propelling the site to become a regional hub for best-in-class tackifier and reinforcing resin production and technology.

SI Group’s Nanjing investment is in line with the desire to reinvent its business model, addressing the emerging trends in the tire industry. “We have taken the appropriate steps necessary to grow our capacity in this key regional growth area,” said Robert Kaiser, Vice President of Rubber & Adhesives Solutions at SI Group. Kaiser added, “This expansion allows us to differentiate our offerings and position in the market, providing superior solutions to our customers.” SI Group’s expansion in Nanjing will also address energy conservation initiatives and sustainability efforts in compliance within a highly regulated Chinese chemical industry. 

SI Group has a long history of manufacturing tackifier resins used to enhance the performance and durability of tires. In addition to tackifier resins, the company also has a robust portfolio of bonding, curing, and reinforcing resins, manufactured globally. The company is currently undergoing a thorough environmental and safety permit review for the Nanjing expansion, in accordance with all local Chinese government regulations.