SCHENECTADY, NY – SI Group, a leading performance additives company, recently announced plans to increase resole production capacities at its facilities in Rotterdam Junction, New York, and Lote, India. The goal of this capacity expansion of more than 25% is to propel the sites to become two of the world’s leading resole production and technology locations. 

The debottlenecking investments are slated for completion later this year. The expanded capacity will help address an increasing global demand for resole resins used in the automotive and adhesive value chain. 

“These investments are a result of our focused efforts on growth and responding to our customers’ needs,” said Robert Kaiser, Vice President, Rubber & Adhesives Solutions at SI Group. “They will help provide superior solutions at the highest reliability of supply for our global customer base.”

SI Group has a long history of manufacturing resole resins used to enhance the durability and heat properties of rubber products. In adhesives systems, resole resins improve mechanical and heat resistance while providing higher initial adhesion, open time and weatherability. 

In addition to resole resins, the company also has a robust rubber and adhesive portfolio of novolac tackifiers, antidegradants, bonding, and reinforcing resins manufactured globally. This expansion follows earlier announcements by SI Group to expand resin capacity in Lote, India; Bethune, France; and Nanjing, China. 

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